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08:09 AM, July 23, 2014

Selex has introduced a new mobile control tower for ground-air-ground Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications called the Aerodrome Flight Information System (AFIS).

The system has been designed for rapid deployment to remote operations, either in forward operational areas or emergency situations where armed forces require aeronautical communications.

AFIS can be transported via C-130J aircraft and road vehicles; using mechanical arms to deploy into fully operational air traffic communications tower once in-situ.

AFIS consists of four radios for marine and aeronautical communications in the VHF and UHF spectrums, a TETRA radio system for land communications in the UHF band, a meteorological system and a GPS. The radio communications are handled through two operator workstations that connect via VoIP EUROCAE ED137B.

The technical management of all systems on board of AFIS are handled by ONM100 - Selex ES’s network management suite which also allows remote network management. 

AFIS can operate in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions, providing effective communications at an altitude up to 3000m above sea level and in winds of up to 50km/h, or up to 120km/h if anchored to the ground.

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