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08:05 PM, July 29, 2014

Sandia National Laboratories and Rockwell Collins are selected for Phase 3 of the DARPA Meso-dynamic Architectures program.

The aim of the program is to research light-to-sound conversion in ultra-small optical waveguides and develop future system capabilities beyond those attainable with existing technology. The technologies enable secure communication, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in small, low-cost packages.

This program expects to reduce the size, weight, power and cost for communication systems and to add new capabilities such as networking, electronic warfare and advanced waveforms without increasing the volume of existing solutions.

In Phase 3, the team will be tasked with a final demonstration showing this filtering approach can be achieved in a high-performance radio.

Sandia National Laboratories is fabricating the nano-scale waveguide devices and Rockwell Collins will demonstrate their performance by integrating the capability into DoD products.

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