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09:29 AM, July 30, 2014
Airbus Completes P-3 Orion Modernization Program For Brazil
P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft, bought second-hand from the US and modernized by Airbus DS in Spain.

Airbus has delivered the last of nine P-3 Orion anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircrafts to Brazilian Air Force.

The nine aircrafts were acquired by the FAB from the US Navy in 2006, along with three more to be dismantled for spares, and were upgraded at facilities in Seville and Getafe, near Madrid.

Airbus has installed its Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) and a completely new suite of mission sensors, communications systems and cockpit avionics in the aircraft. In addition, the aircraft engines and structures were updated and is suitable for military and civic duties including anti-submarine, maritime patrol, search and rescue, and economic exclusion zone enforcement.

Under the terms of the contract, Brazil is benefitting from a comprehensive package of offsets including a range of industrial projects as well as training and research in the aerospace sector.

Airbus has modernized a total of 12 P-3 Orions, nine for the Brazilian Air Force and three for the Spanish Air Force.

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