Israel Uses WindGaurd Tactical Radar System At Gaza

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  • 10:46 AM, July 31, 2014
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Israel Uses WindGaurd Tactical Radar System At Gaza
Israel Uses Windgaurd Tactical Missile System In Gaza

The Israel Defense Force has introduced Elta Systems’ tactical WindGuard radar system into operation to deal with the mortar shells threat near Gaza, reported Israeli news website, Globes.

The system defends ground forces exposed to the threat of short range rockets and shells. Elta Systems is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) which also produces radar used by Iron Dome.

The system made its debut at Eurosatory Weapons Exhibition a month ago in Paris.

Globes report said that the IDF has expedited its introduction into operational use after showing interest in the system. IDF has been involved in its development process and planned to procure it.

Elta has delivered a number of such systems for use by the forces operating in the combat theater. It is not clear whether one of the systems was deployed yesterday afternoon near Kibbutz Beeri, where a mortar shell killed four IDF soldiers and wounded six others.

When the system was unveiled a month ago, IAI said that the WindGuard system was quickly and accurately pinpointing the location from which the shooting at the area it was protecting came from.

Elta Systems said that WindGuard was based on complex software and an algorithm that have already proved themselves in operations.

Even though a mortar is a very static and primitive weapon, no real answer to it has yet been found. Because of its short range and flight time, Iron Dome is incapable of dealing with it. Sufficient warning of such a barrage can save many lives by enabling people to take basic defensive measures, such as lying on the ground, which significantly reduces the exposure to the many fragments.

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