BrahMos Aerospace To Showcase Entire Range Of Missiles At Oboronexpo 2014

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  • 10:01 AM, August 4, 2014
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BrahMos Aerospace To Showcase Entire Range Of Missiles At Oboronexpo 2014
BrahMos Aerospace To Showcase Entire Range Of Missiles At Oboronexpo 2014

BrahMos Aerospace will display its entire missile family at the Oboronexpo 2014 weapons exhibition, according to various reports.


The range of missiles, which can be launched from the air, land, sea surface, or underwater, will be showcased at the exhibition that will be held near the Russian capital on August 13-17.


The development of the BrahMos program is currently progressing according to the approved plan. A new 16-container vertical launching system (VLS) for the BrahMos surface-to-surface ultrasonic missile has been built. All Indian destroyers produced domestically will be equipped with it, BrahMos Aerospace’s senior-most Russian executive Alexander Maksichev told Itar-Tass.


“The new VLS has a modular construction and was developed entirely in India by BrahMos Aerospace specialists,” Maksichev said. “It is created on the basis of the scientific and technical groundwork generated during the creation of the 8-container VLS for the BrahMos missile that equips three Indian 11356 frigates,” he added.


According to Maksichev, the new VLS has a bow positioning and can be transformed into a launcher to the ammunition to the 32 BrahMos missiles for warships of larger displacement.

He also said that a smaller version of the missile, the BrahMos-Mini, is being developed. It is being designed for deployment on fighter aircraft, and should be ready in the next 2-3 years. “The BrahMos-Mini missile’s first flight may happen in 2 to 3 years since in the BrahMos program we have made laid rather extensive technological groundwork, on the basis of which the new rocket with smaller dimensions will be created,” Maksichev said.

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