South Korea Expresses Interest In Buying Iron Dome

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  • 08:16 PM, August 10, 2014
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South Korea Expresses Interest In Buying Iron Dome

South Korea is reportedly interested in buying Israel's Iron Dome missile system, manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems said today. 

Rafael CEO Yedidia Yaari said the system’s performance had fuelled foreign interest in it, including by South Korea, which is in an armed standoff with North Korea.

“[South Korea] is very worried not only about rockets, but other things as well ... You can certainly include them in the club of interested countries,” Yaari told Israel’s Army Radio, saying Rafael representatives had visited Seoul to promote Iron Dome.

According to Reuters, Yaari did not give details on how advanced such a deal with South Korea may be. Rafael has not made public any foreign sales so far, saying it was giving priority to supplying Iron Domes to Israel, which has fielded nine out of a planned total of 12 interceptor units.

Meanwhile, the United States and Israel signed a $429 million agreement to continue support of the production of the Iron Dome weapon system.

The agreement ensures continued US funding for procurement of Iron Dome systems and interceptors, and provides for significant co-production opportunities for US industry.

The Iron Dome system is capable of intercepting and destroying short-range rockets, and mortar and artillery shells, and is an invaluable component of Israeli missile defense.

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