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10:22 AM, August 19, 2014
Moscow To Co-Develop Weapons Within BRICS?

With the success of Indo-Russian defence projects such as BrahMos and the production of the SU-30MKI jets, Russia intends to use the success as a model for joint development with Brazil and South Africa within BRICS.

Anatoly Isaykin, general director of Rosoboronexport last week said that negotiations between Russia, Brazil and South Africa on the joint development of weapons and military equipment within the framework of BRICS should be held by the end of this year.

“For the time being, we are working directly with each country, but we are also thinking on collaborative projects involving several countries at once. In particular, three-party negotiations between Russia, Brazil and South Africa on joint development of military products have been scheduled for this year,” said Isaykin.

He added that at the end of September, a large international arms exhibition will be held in South Africa, at which matters of military cooperation within the BRICS will also be discussed.

Also, by the end of 2014, Russia may sign a contract with Brazil to supply Pantsyr-S1 (Armour-S1, NATO designation is SA-22 Greyhound) air defence missile and cannon systems to this country, according to reports.

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