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08:59 AM, September 3, 2014
ISS Develops Software To Track Global Arms Trafficking, Supply Routes
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Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS) announced today that it has developed an interactive software tool designed to provide policy makers with precise, verified information on global arms trafficking. 

The European Union-funded project, known as iTrace, was developed for Conflict Armament Research (CAR), a United Kingdom-based company that was founded in 2011 by several former United Nations weapons inspectors, according to an official statement.
iTrace displays interactive geospatial maps, which detail illicit weapons and ammunition supply routes.  The system combines the latest research conducted by Conflict Armament Research’s expert field investigation teams with cutting-edge analysis software developed by ISS Global, the UK subsidiary of ISS.
ISS Global and CAR originally developed the system in 2013, and recently launched it at the United Nations in New York.  The tool tracks the dates, times, and routes of weapon transfers, and tracks their movement across international borders.  The system also profiles groups involved in these weapon shipments.
iTrace provides the UN and government authorities with a vital independent source of information in their efforts to implement international arms control agreements, including the UN Programme of Action and the Arms Trade Treaty. The rapidly expanding database is also designed to help identify and quantify diversion risks prior to export, and profiles the sources of diversion nationally, regionally and globally.
In September iTrace will be launched in a publicly accessible internet portal.

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