MBDA, Polish Industries Sign MoU To Develop Missiles

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  • 02:56 PM, September 3, 2014
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MBDA signed two Letters of Intent with Poland to develop “Wisla” medium range air and missile defense programme Tuesday.

These first LoI signatures confirm MBDA's willingness to pursue concerted cooperation with Polish industrial organisations involved with the Polish Air Defence consortium, as has been undertaken so far during technical dialogue, the company said in a statement.

As a strategic European partner within NATO, MBDA is committed to deliver a high level of industrial collaboration with its Polish industrial partners and to develop a long-term industrial partnership, with a high quality of Transfer of Technology, it added.

The two LoIs signed today between MBDA and MESKO and PIT-RADWAR respectively are concrete examples of how Polish industry and its MoD will gain access to breakthrough technology. 

In the LoI with MESKO, MBDA is proposing to its Polish partner to expand cooperation on Aster 30 B1 missile equipment, but also to be involved in the development of the new Aster B1NT missile. The scope of cooperation starts from the production of main equipment for the missiles and continues through to the final assembly line. Key advanced technologies such as warhead, booster and servo actuators will be transferred to our Polish partners, as well as missile maintenance and training. 

The LoI with PIT-RADWAR includes a high degree of Transfer of Technology and Transfer of Know How on both Aster 30 Block1 and Aster 30 Block1 NT missile uplink receiver equipment. 

Antoine Bouvier declared: "I am very pleased to attend MSPO in Kielce to confirm MBDA's commitment to enhance our strong cooperation with our Polish industrial partners, in line with customer expectations." 

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