South Korean, US Armies’ Joint Unit To Eliminate WMD

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  • 11:08 AM, September 4, 2014
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US and South Korean armies will form a new joint unit, the first of its kind next year, accoridng to an official statement.

In case of war with the North, the unit will be charged with eliminating weapons of mass destruction (WMD), officials were quoted as saying by Yonhap New Agency.

The US contingent will be taken from the 2nd Infantry Division, currently located between Seoul and the border with North Korea, Yonhap reported.

It will be joined by a South Korean brigade-level unit, and the combined force will have a joint staff, led by a US officer, the report said.

The base of the joint unit would eventually move to the south of Seoul according to a wider reorganization of US forces in South Korea, Yonhap said, contradicting previous reports that any joint unit would remain close to the border with the North.

Pyongyang has repeatedly condemned regular joint US-South Korean military exercises, saying they are preparation for a future attack on the North.

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