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02:40 PM, September 4, 2014

UK has sold surplus 123 combat reconnaissance armored vehicles to Latvia in a $64.6million package, the UK ministry of defense said in a statement.

The sale includes the vehicles’ overhaul and refurbishment. The vehicles have previously been used in operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The purchase of these vehicles will allow Latvian Armed Forces to better transport infantry, reconnaissance teams, air defense sections and mortar fire controllers as well as provide vital battlefield capabilities including ambulances, armored command vehicles and armored recovery vehicles. 

Speaking at the NATO summit today, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said, “I am delighted that Latvia will soon benefit from these proven and life-saving battlefield capabilities, including ambulances and command centres. 

“This is just one way we are supporting our Baltic NATO allies. As a leading member of NATO the UK is keen to restate publicly our support for the collective security of its members and enable our partners to contribute to international peacekeeping and security operations,” he added.

The vehicles became available following the Strategic Defense and Security Review 2010 in which they were identified as surplus to requirement as the Armed Forces restructures to better meet the challenges they will face in the future. 

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