Our Bureau
03:17 PM, September 10, 2014

Australian MoD has signed an $800 million contract with Lockheed Martin for the provision of centralized processing services.

Australian Defense Chief Information Officer, Peter Lawrence, said the project would consolidate infrastructure and applications, improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency of data centre delivery in Defense. 

“Centralized processing will deliver a smaller number of more reliable and resilient data centres, from within 280 data centres to 11 domestically and three internationally,” he said. 

“It will improve the availability, reliability and security of Defense’s computer processing capability. 

“The partnership will deliver Defense with a robust and secure technology environment, while creating greater efficiencies; simplifying our service provision and speeding up our response to change.” 

Lockheed Martin Executive Vice President of Information Systems and Global Solutions, Ms Sondra Barbour, said the Corporation was honored to have the opportunity to partner with Defense to transform its centralized processing environment. 

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