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10:47 AM, October 6, 2014
MTC To Present Advanced Steering System For Mortars And Rockets At AUSA 2014.
MTC To Present Advanced Steering System For Mortars And Rockets At AUSA 2014

MTC Industries and Research announced today that it will present its unique mortar and rocket steering unit during the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) 2014 Annual Meeting at Washington D.C from October 13-15.

AS a part of the project, MTC has developed steering units that can adjust or steer the rocket or mortar towards the target at any time and under any weather conditions while in the air.

The system is aimed at reducing collateral damage in the vicinity. The steering unit also decreases the amount of mortars and the number of launches required, due to a hit rate of 70% - representing considerable savings. The system is operated by four separate electric DC motors, driving 4 foldable wings, which are locked in a folded position.

"Mortars and rockets have a significant drawback - they are not very accurate, and can thus potentially cause harm to uninvolved populations and untargeted structures in the area. In order to give armies around the world a solution minimizing injuries to civilians and damage to neutral structures, MTC has developed a mechanical-engineering system that enables control over mortars and rockets until they reach their targets," Yechiel Cohen, President and Founder of MTC Industries & Research said.

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