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11:01 AM, October 6, 2014

Flying Production announced today that it will launch Da-Vinci, a compact, lightweight, multi-rotor VTOL sUAS platform during the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) 2014 Annual Meeting at Washington D.C from October 13-15.

According to the company, Da-Vinci is ideal for urban warfare observation missions and includes a Portable Ground Control Station and Dual Sensor EO/IR Payload.

The Da-Vinci system is a low-altitude multi-rotor platform that is suitable for a variety of applications including urban warfare, HLS, special operations, and civilian uses. Exceptionally lightweight, it can be carried by one person. The features include an HD Datalink, unique control software, automatic vertical take-off and landing, and autonomous mission flights. The system can operate in urban areas with non-line-of-sight communications.

The Ground Control Station, Astronomy, has a unique, all-in-one design - integrating PDCC (Power, Data, Communication, and Control). The system is equipped with custom-designed software that enables sophisticated control modes, target sharing, multi-drone control, and an advanced warning management system. Astronomy also provides integrated HD & data radio communication.

The low-weight (1.2 kg) Dual Sensor EO/IR payload, Galileo, delivers IR continuous zoom, onboard video encoding, and low-light capabilities. The system includes multiple display and streaming features, real-time HD streaming, and Dual-Axis stabilization.

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