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12:23 PM, October 10, 2014

Sevasapol’s Dnepr, a Crimean radar station used by the Ukrainian Army is all set to be refitted with modern equipment and will be ready for use in 2016, Itar-Tass reported today.

“We have already started equipping this facility with new testing and measurement systems for spacecraft control and systems for controlling space,” Alexander Golovko, Commander of the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces was quoted as saying. “The program for refitting the centre with modern equipment is planned for completion in 2016. In this time about 20 new generation systems and complexes will be launched.”

The radar station will be reintegrated into the national warning system and computing, engineering, technical and technological systems will be upgraded. Sevastopol control center will be commissioned as of December 2014, the report said.

Golovko specified that the Eupatoria center “will be undertaking missions related to managing the Russian orbital network’s space apparatuses as well as those related to the Russian space monitoring system.” But first, the facility will be equipped accordingly.

Its unique RT-70 radio telescope, which combines huge size with all-weather functionality, sharp “vision” and the capability of working in various radio wave ranges, does not yet have any equal in the world. However, this rare piece of equipment has hardly been used in post-Soviet times, so it is not in the best condition.

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