DRS Introduces World’s Smallest Signal Intelligence Sensor

  • Our Bureau
  • 12:49 PM, October 10, 2014
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DRS has unveiled a new signal intelligence (SIGINT) sensor roughly the size of a small self-contained hard drive which it claims as the world’s smallest, according to various news reports.

DRS claims that the sensors have twice the frequency coverage and offers twice the bandwidth.

“For decades, signals intelligence (SIGINT) sensors came in pretty big packages: big satellites; big satellite dishes, big planes like Compass Call and Global Hawk and smaller aircraft like the U-2 or Guardraii,” Stephen Robillard, Vice President for SIGINT business development was quoted as saying.

“These sensors needed sizable power sources and needed bigger platforms to carry them or support them,” Robillard said. "If you can combine dozens or hundreds of SIGINT sensors across a battlefield carried by Special Operations Command (SOCOM) teams on the Abrams tanks, Bradley personnel carriers, Kiowa Warriors and Apaches — with the much-lower density systems such as Global Hawk, Compass Call, and satellites, you can achieve remarkable accuracy and provide the Intelligence Community with an enormous amount of data to crunch."

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