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09:40 AM, October 14, 2014

SHIELD Aviation, Inc. announced today the granting of a Category 3 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Interim Flight Clearance (IFC) for the ARES Block C UAS by Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR) Patuxent River MD AIR – 4.0P. The ARES UAS IFC supports Navy public aircraft operations of ARES Block C UAS within restricted and warning areas of the U.S. National airspace.

SHIELD Aviation Engineering and Operations Divisions along with NAVAIR engineers worked tirelessly to complete an engineering review and risk assessment to ensure safety of flight and to reduce risk to personnel, property and/or environment.  Cooperation was key to its success. The IFC for the ARES Block C UAS is an extremely important step in supporting Navy public aircraft operations.

"The granting of the IFC for the ARES UAS is an extremely important milestone as it recognizes its airworthiness and safety of flight for ARES UAS. It also ensures SHIELD and ARES UAS operates within Naval Instructions 13034.1D CH2 requiring all UAS operated by Department of Navy (DON) to have an Interim Flight Clearance or Flight Clearance. SHIELD Aviation is extremely proud of the ARES UAS perfect safety record. It also ensures the operation of ARES UAS by SHIELD Aviation in conjunction with the Department of theNavy. The operation conforms to all Naval Regulations," said Myles Newlove, Chairman and CEO of SHIELD Aviation, Inc.

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