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02:38 PM, October 15, 2014

Concern Radioelectronic Technologies (KRET) has completed the 2014 state defense order to ship Krasuha-2 electronic suppression system to the Russian Defense Ministry. The radar jammer has no peers anywhere in the world.


“KRET is currently working on approximately 90 long-term government defense contracts. Of these, development and manufacture of innovative high-efficiency electronic warfare (EW) systems is an essential part of our operations,” KRET CEO Nikolay Kolesov said. “We control approximately 74% of the Russian market for airborne, ground and ship-based electronic warfare systems. In the past two years, the Concern has supplied nine new types of electronic (radar) surveillance, control and suppression complexes to fill the needs of the Russian military.” 


“The Krasuha-2 mobile EW complex is one of the more recent designs by the All-Russian Research Institute Gradient in Rostov-on-Don, and is manufactured by NPO Kvant, a KRET subsidiary. The new-generation EW station offers improved performance and specifications,” says Nikolay Kolesov, CEO, KRET. 


The complex is capable of providing a protective signal-suppression “canopy” over command posts, military groups, air defense installations, important industrial facilities and government buildings. Krasuha-2 analyzed the incoming signal type and responds to the enemy radar with a powerful smart jamming signal, depriving enemy aircraft of their ability to identify and acquire targets to aim prevision munitions at them. This forces enemy aircraft out of the airspace controlled by the EW system and give up on their mission. 


The Krasuha-2 mobile complex can significantly improve the survivability of troops, providing key manufacturing facilities with cover against high-precision munitions and targeted missile and precision bombing strikes, the Concern’s Media Communications Service reports. 

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