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10:20 AM, November 6, 2014
China To Unveil Javelin Competitor, Red Arrow ATGM At Zhuhai Air Show
China To Unveil Javelin Competitor, Red Arrow ATGM At Zuhoi Air Show


China is likely to introduce the Norinco Red-Arrow 12 anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) at the Zhuhai Air Show (Nov.11 - 16, 2014).


The Red Arrow missile is reportedly being marketed as a competitor to the American-made Javelin missile.


According to Chinese blogs, the Red Arrow bears a strong resemblance to the Raytheon FGM-148 Javelin.


Though little is known about the latest version of the Red Arrow, old versions such as the Red Arrow-8 are said to be second generation tube-launched, optically tracked,wire-guided anti-tank missile system.

The Red Arrow-8 was first deployed by the People's Liberation Army in the late '80s.

According to reports, Pakistan produces this missile system under licence as the Baktar-Shikan at Khan Research Laboratories. 

Users of the missile system include Kenya, Albania, Bangaldesh, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Peru, UAE and Egypt among others.






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