Indonesia To Buy Russian Submarines, Ships?

  • Our Bureau
  • 08:36 AM, November 7, 2014
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Indonesian officials have visited Russia thrice this year to discuss the sale of surface ships and submarines.


Indonesia has shown great interest towards the products of Russia's defense industry, a spokesperson for Russia's state-owned high-tech Rostec Corporation told RIA Novosti Friday.


"This year they have visited Russia three times already, holding talks on buying the surface ships and submarines. They are interested in helicopters, and the marine theme and they are really interested in small arms as they are planning to create their own special forces. It appears that Russia's defense industry products are of great demand here," a spokesperson for Rostec said.


Russa's Rostec organizes the Indo Defence 2014 international trade show for weapons and military equipment which is taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia from November 5 to November 8. Some 14 Russian companies are taking part in the exhibition, the report said.


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