Elbit Systems Launch New Homeland Security Command And Control System

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  • 08:56 AM, November 10, 2014
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Elbit Systems unveiled an advanced command and control system for Homeland Security applications at the 3rd Israeli Homeland Security Conference on November 10.

The system controls and manages events from dedicated operation rooms (either fixed or mobile), starting from the initial report regarding a possible incident, through to the dispatch of forces to the scene and up to the closure of the event.

The system uses advanced data fusion and information management and provides enhanced interoperability and high level coordination between all of the forces involved. Producing a unified and up-to-date operational picture to all of the forces in real time (as relevant), the system enables effective management of incidents while prioritizing them in order of importance.

The system can easily interface with a variety of existing government or  municipal systems (e.g. municipal systems, national infrastructure) as well as search and rescue, firefighting squads, first-aid and municipal authority services and other agencies, and it operates in both routine and crisis/emergency situations.

Concurrently managing a large number of events, at any scale, the system uses a wide range of sensors applicable for law enforcement agencies, (e.g. license plate registration systems (LPR)), street and traffic cameras, airborne and ground sensors, police car cameras and other sensors. The system includes advanced video analytics capabilities which provide alerts in cases of abnormal occurrences such as crowd gatherings, suspicious human behavior, unusual activities in a strategic area.

The system incorporates WideBridge, a unique communications system that allows transfer of voice, data and video between all the system users on the ground at the event, even in situations where commercial communicationsystems collapse.

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