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11:44 AM, November 10, 2014
Elbit Systems Launches New Radar For Detecting Threats Beyond Foliage

Elbit Systems has launched a new type of radar - FPR-10 that offers extremely long-range foliage penetration for border protection and wide-area persistent surveillance at 3rd Israeli HLS Conference.

The system can detect suspicious movements of vehicles and humans in and beyond foliage. Based on Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) technology, the system provides extremely high resolution, covers a very wide range in azimuth and elevation and enables target separation, allowing determination of the number of targets in the radar arena. Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as foliage interferences and disturbances, the system is able to secure extremely large areas using multiple radars, which together provide end-to-end, overlapping coverage.

This unique system can simultaneously detect and track a variety of targets moving in various motion patterns and provides users with the coordinates and path of targets in a fully-digital display and output, for an enhanced operational picture.

Highly reliable and resistant, with a Low False Alarm Rate (FAR), the system is easy to integrate and operate (via a pc/laptop), has no moving parts (as opposed to previous GSR systems) and is cost-effective. 

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