Raytheon Awarded $13.5 Million Afghan Pilot Training Contract

  • Our Bureau
  • 10:25 AM, November 12, 2014
  • 3509

Raytheon announced Monday that it has won a $13.5 million Warfighter Field Operations Customer Support (FOCUS) modification contract to add more Afghan pilots to the New Dawn training program.

An additional 24 fixed-wing and four rotary-wing Afghan Air Force pilots will be trained.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, the New Dawn program trains Afghan Air Force Officers to a level equivalent to a commercial pilot certification. Upon graduation, the pilots return to Afghanistan for service as aviators in that nation's Air Force.

So far, 102 Afghan Air Force pilots have received training in the English language, aviation theoretical knowledge, advanced mathematics and problem solving skills, in addition to commercial pilot training that includes advanced instrument flight qualification.

Bob Williams, Raytheon Global Training Solutions vice president said, “Helping to shape the future leaders of the Afghan Air Force will also contribute to stability and security in Afghanistan."

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