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12:19 PM, November 19, 2014

India and Russia are participating in joint drills at the Aviaindra-2014 starting today at the Halwara air base in northwest India.


Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Col. Igor Klimov Monday, said, "The drills' scenario comprises joint day and night flying with the engagement of ground targets by Russian-Indian crews on Sukhoi Su-30MKI (Flanker-H) fighters, and Mil Mi-35 (Hind-E) and Mil Mi-17 (Hip) helicopters”.


Pilots from the Indian and Russian Air Forces' army aviation will carry out high altitude flights, while Mil-35 combined crews will attack hypothetical air targets. It is planned that the combined crews will carry out over 30 flights, according to Sputnik News.

The Russian phase of the Aviaindra-2014 air force drills was held near the central Russian city of Lipetsk in September. Russian air defense personnel are currently examining Indian systems, preparing for the active stage of the drills, which is to be held on November 24-28, the report said.


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