Lockheed Martin Unveils Research And Development Facility For US Navy

  • Our Bureau
  • 07:50 AM, November 20, 2014
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Lockheed Martin announced today that it has unveiled a Surface Navy Innovation Center (SNIC) to support the development of new technologies for the US Navy.

The SNIC is a research, development and demonstration facility that brings together industry, government and academia to design the next generation of capabilities the surface fleet needs to combat evolving threats around the world.

"The SNIC establishes a community space to promote rapid technology fielding that addresses the Navy's most pressing challenges," said Jim Sheridan, director of Aegis US Navy programs. "As the maritime security environment changes, we will find new ways to use products and best practices to benefit the sailors who rely on these systems to defend our nation."

The center will foster collaboration among key organizations to rapidly develop emerging technologies and quickly put them into service. To stay ahead of threats, Lockheed Martin is committed to making ongoing improvements to its current systems and integrating the most advanced technologies to meet the needs of its U.S. Navy customers.

The SNIC also continues the development of the Aegis Combat System to meet new security challenges, building on the company's 40 years of partnership with the Surface Navy on this program.

It will serve as a collaboration space to continue Aegis' evolution, advancing modernization efforts and pushing the system to new levels of defense for sailors and citizens.

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