Royal Netherlands Navy Selects Thales’s NS100 Radar System

  • Our Bureau
  • 08:28 AM, December 19, 2014
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The Royal Netherlands Navy has selected Thales’s NS100 dual-axis multi-beam surveillance radar system to replace 30-year old DA08 radar system onboard HNLMS Rotterdam.

The NS100 will be installed in the second semester of 2017, in line with the ship’s maintenance schedule. Thales’s NS100 system features AESA technology. which enables a 3D cue to be given to both Goalkeeper Close-In Weapon Systems on the ship.

Furthermore, the selection for this radar has numerous logistic advantages since the Royal Netherlands Navy already operates the latest generation of Thales AESA radars on the majority of its vessels.

The NS100 radar incorporates a Thales IFF mode 5/S subsystem, making the Royal Netherlands Navy one of the first navies in the world to deploy this modern standard.

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