Raytheon Wins $500 Million Contract For AMRAAM Missile

  • Our Bureau
  • 09:28 AM, December 24, 2014
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Raytheon has won a $500-million contract from US Air Force to supply advanced medium-range air-to-air Missiles (AMRAAM).

"The contract is for the production of the AMRAAM missile and other AMRAAM system items, including the captive air training missile, common munitions bit/reprogramming equipment and non-developmental item airborne instrumentation unit," Raytheon said Tuesday, Sputnik reported.

The deal, including AMRAAM sales to Korea, Oman, Singapore and Thailand is scheduled to be end by February 2017.

In August, the United States approved the possible sale of AMRAAM missiles to Turkey, following a request from the Turkish government.

The air-to-air missile has guidance capabilities and is also used for ground-to-air defense systems.

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