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10:36 AM, January 2, 2015

Mace Security International expanded its offering through its subsidiary, Mace Tactical Solutions (MTS) to include a complete line of less than lethal munitions and weapon systems to its law enforcement, corrections and military customers.

Mace Brand started offering customers a “one-stop shop” for acquiring supplies needed to perform and train for their indispensable duties.

 MaceBrand offers our customers and partners “a full range of product solutions” for their less than lethal product requirements. “Less than lethal products, training and solutions can effectively solve many of the problems that first responders face today,” said John McCann, Mace Security International’s President and CEO.

“We’ve already secured our Federal Firearms License and our Federal Explosives License and expect to commence order fulfillment in 2015,” said Eric Crawford, VP of Sales.

“There is no better place to launch this broad product offering than the SHOT Show, Crawford added.

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