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10:13 AM, January 5, 2015
Iran Builds Missile-Evading Drone
Representative Picture.

A missile-evading drone called ‘Sarallah’ that escapes thermal and air-to-air missile power, has been developed for the first time in the world by an Iranian expert. 

“No missile can approach the drone any closer than 250 meters," said Hassan Akbari Layeq who has built the 'Sarallah Drone' was quoted as saying by  Fars News Agency on Sunday.

Sarallah, weighed 4-kilogram, is equipped with a deceptive system and can speed up and escape incoming missiles, Layeq added.

“In case of any technical problems during flights, the drone can use a safety system and land in a safe place within 40 minutes and if the place is unknown to the drone, it will automatically disintegrate its parts and destroy them” he explained.

He said that the drone can fly at 160km per hour with a 40-minute flight duration if the safety system is on or have a non-stop flight for one hour without the safety system.

"To escape missiles, the drone is capable of flying at a maximum altitude of 8,000 meters and enjoys the capability to hide from laser optics and infrared light at night, Akbari Layeq added.

Iran has recently made giant advancements in aerospace industries, especially in designing and manufacturing pilotless drones.


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