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12:45 PM, January 5, 2015
Iran Tests Phased Array Radar In Gulf of Aden
Photo Credit: Fars News Agency

Iran’s 'Asr' phased array radar, which is capable of detecting and identifying targets with a radar cross section of 4 meters in a 200km distance, was tested for two months in the Gulf of Aden.

Jamaran destroyer equipped with Asr radar was sent to the Gulf of Aden two months ago as part of the Iranian Navy's 32nd flotilla of warships along with Bushehr logistic and combat warship, according to Fars News Agency.

It took part in the last week's wargames codenamed Mohammad Rasoulallah (PBUH) at Iran's territorial waters.

Asr which was earlier tested on Iran's other home-made Damavand and Sahand destroyers, can be used in different naval missions and in detection of aerial targets, including cruise missiles. It was unveiled in November 2013.


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