Marotta Controls Wins Lockheed Martin Anti-Ship Missile Upgrade Contract

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  • 11:43 AM, January 12, 2015
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Marotta Controls has won a contract from Lockheed Martin to upgrade the Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) with multiple power conversion units.

Lockheed Martin has been developing LRASM as a joint program with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; the Department of the Navy and Air Force.

Lockheed Martin will integrate Marotta’s power conversion units into various avionics systems within the missile.

LRASM is a precision-guided anti-ship standoff missile that meets the needs of the US Navy and Air Force warfighters.

LRASM is designed to fly to the target area, find and defeat the target and it is capable of launch from B-1B or F/A-18E/F aircraft.

Marotta's power conversion units are critical components of LRASM, converting aircraft power into reliable output power for various avionics systems within the missile.

Each power conversion unit required a careful balance of meeting performance while optimizing efficiency in the extremely demanding missile environment.

These power conversion units achieve efficiency, minimal weight and optimal thermal management through simple and proven topologies, performance based component selection, and efficient power conversion.

Under this agreement Marotta Controls will provide Lockheed Martin with qualification and Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) units.

"This is a significant program win for Marotta Controls", said Michael Leahan, senior vice president of business development and chief sales officer at Marotta Controls.

"This award is a reflection of our commitment to ensure our customers' success. We are committed to achieve our customers' objectives on this important program and have a dedicated world-class technical team focused on every aspect of program execution. We are honored to work with Lockheed Martin, one of the worlds' most respected defense companies, on this next-generation missile program." said Leahan.

This new contract follows the trajectory of Marotta's previous successes with power conversion units for missile systems, which include the power conversion unit for the U.S. Army's M299 Launcher Modernization program.



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