Heat Barrier To Prevent Weapon Detection By Thermal Imagers

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  • 07:09 AM, January 14, 2015
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Concept Group is developing the new Insulon Thermal Cloak heat barrier for use on automatic weapons.

The barrier, which is attached to the fore-end of the weapon, uses a hair-thin Shaped Vacuum layer to prevent thermal imagers from seeing the weapon’s hot barrel, gas tube and sound suppressor after firing.

The soldier holding a weapon, whose barrel, gas tube and sound suppressor are still hot from firing is in grave danger from thermal imagers. They can easily notice the high heat still coming off the weapon long after firing, even though the soldier is in complete darkness.

The new Insulon thermal cloaking technology eliminates this risk. A tube whose wall contains a hair-thin Shaped-Vacuum layer surrounds the barrel and gas tube. It can completely stop the convection of heat, cloaking the weapon’s barrel, gas tube and sound suppressor with a virtually impenetrable thermal shield. Even though the weapon’s fore-end parts are extremely hot - hundreds of degrees – the outside of the Insulon Thermal Cloak remains at ambient temperature, virtually invisible to thermal imagers.

Reid noted that heat, which is the agitated movement of molecules, simply cannot travel through the Insulon vacuum layer. “No molecules,” he said, “no thermal conduction. An Insulon Thermal Cloak heat barrier simply stops heat cold, making it virtually undetectable by an enemy’s heat-sensing devices.”



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