UK To Order $334 Million FLAADS Missile For Falklands As Argentina Lease Russian Fighter Jets

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  • 10:38 AM, January 16, 2015
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The UK is expected to order $334 million worth truck based surface-to-air super missile systems to protect the Falklands as Argentina leases Russian Fighter Jets, local media reported Thursday.

London plans to replace the current aging Rapier missiles stationed at the islands. The MoD decided to purchase a Future Local Air Defense System (FLAADS) after Argentina revealed last December that it would lease Russian fighter jets. MBDA UK was awarded a $55 million contract in May 2014 for the FLAAD system.

The MoD had then said, “The decision to replace Rapier System would be taken only after a thorough assessment of the FLAADS missile is taken during a test phase”. The FLAAD website however says that the missiles can only be operational by 2016.

A UK MoD Spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Our overall military posture in the South Atlantic is based on regular assessments of the threat and the Falkland Islands remain well defended; we do not offer comment on specific operational details.”

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