Saab, Polish Navy Tests RBS15 Mk Missile

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  • 12:01 PM, January 20, 2015
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Saab and the Polish Navy have conducted commissioning and sea acceptance test of the RBS15 Mk3 missile onboard the Orkan-class fast attack craft.

The test was conducted under a contract signed in 2006 with Poland for the delivery of RBS15 Mk3 missiles, and their installation on the Orkan-class ships.

The tests, with the lead-vessel-in-class Orkan, validated all the ship’s interfaces with the necessary power, combat management and navigation systems.

Testing included a simulated missile firing exercise, and concluded with sea trials when the ship carried its full complement of eight missiles. The customer has now demonstrated its ability to equip and operate these vessels with their maximum missile load.

"We have successfully completed the sea acceptance tests for the first of three ships within the Polish Orkan-class. With the RBS15 Mk3, Poland now has an anti-ship missile that can defeat targets at a range of more than 200 km, in all weather conditions. It is an impressive offensive capability by any standard”, says Stefan Öberg, head of business unit Missile Systems within Saab business area Dynamics.

“Throughout all the tests, the level of co-operation with the Polish Navy and Polish industry has been excellent. This achievement is further testament to our long term commitment to the Polish Navy and local industry and we believe there will be further opportunities such as Poland’s upcoming surface vessel requirements”, says Jason Howard, head of Naval Segment CEE, Market Area Europe and Greater Middle East at Saab.

The two remaining Orkan class ships are Piorun and Grom. They are scheduled to undergo similar systems tests later in 2015.



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