Navantia Lays Keel of First Venezuelan POVZEE Patrol Boat

  • 12:00 AM, September 15, 2008
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The Navantia shipyard in Puerto Real on Sept. 11 laid the keel of the first of four Ocean-Going Patrol Boats for Surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zone (POVZEE), C-505, ordered by Venezuela. The POVZEE is a class of four sophisticated vessels that Navantia designed for operations in any geographical scenario, on the open sea as well as in coastal waters, without any limitations except for tropical or Arctic extremes. These vessels are able to carry out different missions such as surveillance and protection of Exclusive Economic Zones, protection of naval traffic, defense of strategic interests, search and rescue, pollution control, humanitarian assistance, prosecution of smuggling, drug trafficking and illegal immigration, and operational or environmental intelligence. The ships will be able to carry out their missions in sea states up to Force 5-6 and to operate helicopters up to Force 4. In addition, they are able to cope with sea conditions up to Force 8, and to operate and recover boats up to sea state 5. The POVZEE ships will have two rudders and two screws, with a turning radius of four lengths. Such steering capabilities will guarantee an elevated route-keeping stability. The ships will also have a low radar cross-section and infra-red signature, while noise and vibration will be reduced thanks to elastic engine mounts and acoustic isolation as necessary. POVZEEs will be fitted with a CODAD propulsion system, with two independent engine rooms, four MTU 12V-1163-TB93 diesel engines, and redactor gears with variable-pitch propellers. The propulsion system will allow a cruise speed of 22 knots, an economic cruise speed of 18 knots over a distance of 3,500 miles, and a sustained maximum speed of over 24 knots. The ships will be fitted with integrated communications, navigation and defensive systems developed and provided by Thales. The rear flight deck will have a hangar allowing helicopter maintenance, and helicopter operations will be possible by day and night. POVZEEs will carry semi-rigid RHIB boats for rescue, light transport and operational support; they also will carry other rescue equipment. The ships will accommodate up to 92 people, in two different ways: 52 crew; 8 helicopter crew, 20 trainees and 12 special forces personnel; or 12 officers, 24 NCOs and 56 seamen and ratings.
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