Wreckage Resembling Chinese CH-3 Drone Found In Nigeria

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  • 10:58 AM, January 29, 2015
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Wreckage Resembling Chinese CH-3 Drone Found In Nigeria
UAV suspected to be a Chinese CH-3 crashed in Nigeria Photo Source: Twitter

The wreckage of an armed drone was found in northeast Nigeria on Tuesday, closely resembling the Chinese drone.

According to War Is Boring, pictures of the wreckage was posted on Twitter showing an unmanned combat aerial vehicle that resembles the CH-3 drone made by the China. Missiles fixed to two hard points and a sensor payload is apparent in the images.

China’s CH-3 drone was unveiled at the Zhuhai Air Show in 2008. It can carry two laser-guided AR-1 air-to-ground missiles, similar to the U.S. Hellfire missile.

Nigeria has sought aircraft for military upgrade in order to counter presence of terror group in the region. Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan had also asked parliament for an extra billion dollars on top of the $6 billion in the country’s defense budget to pay for new military hardware.

Nigeria’s military was hoping a sale of Cobra helicopter gunships from Israel would provide the new air power. However, the US pressure on Israel to nix the deal ended the proposed sale last summer, according to The New York Times published last December. 


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