Our Bureau
11:59 AM, January 31, 2015

US Department of Defense will move its non-sensitive data to the cloud storage system in order to reduce costs and enhance security.

“We are such a big market that they [commercial companies] will be willing to adapt their security to meet us. I'm hoping this comes out to be 25 percent or 30 percent more efficient when we are done,” US Acting Chief Information Officer (CIO) Terry Halvorsen was quoted as saying to reporters on Friday.

Halvorsen plans to hold a series of Cloud Industry meetings to promote a continuous, open dialogue with industry that will shape DOD’s approach to the business of information technology and cyber space.

The CIO envisions situations in which a defense contractor might put data inside a data center located on federal property.

Cloud computing enables on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources and also it is part of a government-wide effort of the Unite States to modernize and streamline government IT.

Correction: This report was incorrectly attributed to a press release. The US DOD has since clarified that the information was shared with a reporter.