US Mulls Supplying Javelin Anti-Armor Missiles, Arms And Ammunition To Ukraine

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  • 11:00 AM, February 3, 2015
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The Pentagon might reconsider supplying Javelin anti-tank missiles, arms and ammunition to Ukraine in its fight against Russia- backed separatists, US administration officials said Monday.

The decision has not been made yet. White house officials are still to discuss options for defensive lethal help to Ukraine. US secretary of state John Kerry will be travelling to Kiev on Thursday for talks with Ukrainian government.

This will be the first time Washington will provide arms and ammunition to Ukraine if the decision is made. Until now, it only provides military equipment such as counter measure detection units, body armor, binoculars, small boats etc.

The decision to supply Ukraine with rifles, anti-tank weapons has been delayed for months.

The revived discussion, officials said, centers on whether a decision to provide “defensive lethal arms” would prompt Putin to reduce his support for the pro-Moscow rebels or trigger him to ramp it up, further destabilizing the country.

“It’s hard to predict how it would play out,” A senior US official was quoted as saying by Wall Street Journal. “But what has to be factored into the decision is, of course, the Moscow reaction.”

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