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12:44 PM, February 3, 2015

Poland's Armament Inspectorate on Saturday has placed a tender to acquire AMRAAM training missiles and 200 guided and 300 unguided bombs for its Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Jastrząb fighters.

Poland aims at buying 32 practice CTAM-120C AMRAAM missiles, 100 GPS-guided GBU-38 JDAM Bombs (based on Mk. 82 500 lbs. bombs), 100 laser guided GBU-12 bombs (also based on the Mk.82 bombs) , 200 Mk. 84 unguided bombs (1000 lbs.), 100 Mk.82 bombs and 3000 CXU-3A/B practice bomb signal cartridges that are used to indicate the hit point of the dummy bombs as per the particulars of the tender.

The tender also states that it will involve five bidders in its final process and they must be experienced in supplying within the European Union.

The final date offer placing deadline expires on 2nd March 2015.

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