CybAero Starts Factory Testing Of Unmanned Helicopter Systems For China Customs

  • Our Bureau
  • 02:12 PM, February 3, 2015
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CybAero announced today that it has commenced factory testing for its three Unmanned Helicopter systems to be delivered to China Customs in January 2014.

The systems are to be stationed on three new vessels China Customs will be commissioning in 2015. CybAero commenced factory testing on the first system today.

The purpose of the factory testing is to verify that the system meets the requirements and delivers the performance agreed with the customer. As soon as the factory testing has been successfully completed, the first system will be shipped to the customer in China for installation on the first vessel.

The system will then undergo final testing on the vessel and will be put into service.

After the first system has passed the final test, the other two systems will undergo the same process. CybAero is planning to have all three systems installed and accepted in Q2 2015.

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