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12:53 PM, February 9, 2015
Iran Unveils Fighter Trainer
Combat Fighter Saeqeh 2 Photo Courtesy: Fars News Agency

Iran has launched indigenously-built combat fighter, Saeqeh 2 (Thunderbolt 2), on Monday for training purposes.

"The double-cockpit supersonic fighter jet which has been designed and built by the defense ministry's aerospace industries organization in cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran's Air Force will do close-range cover and backup in tactical missions as well as advanced pilot training missions," Iranian Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami was quoted as saying by Fars News Agency.

He said the aircraft has been built on the basis of a new design which has maximized its combat power, adding that the plane has also been equipped with advanced electro-avionics and weapons systems to train pilots for flying with the existing or new heavy fighters.

A senior Iranian Air Force commander said on Sunday that the country is planning to build a new high-tech combat aircraft capable of tracking US and Israeli modern and stealth planes.

"We will manufacture an aircraft on Saeqeh platform which will be equipped with Fourth generation (and even higher) avionics," Commander of Air Force's Owj Complex Colonel Houshang Monfaredzadeh said in an interview with FNA.

"Iran is reaching a level of expertise that it would soon be able to manufacture a totally different aircraft in terms of electronic, radar and avionics systems as well as weaponry equipment," Monfaredzadeh added. 









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