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01:53 PM, February 10, 2015

The New Zealand Ministry of Defence has selected Kelvin Hughes to supply SharpEye radars and an Agile Tracker as part of Lockheed Martin prime contract for the Frigate Systems Upgrade project.

Kelvin Hughes will be supplying their S-Band solid state upmast 2D navigation and surveillance radar SharpEyeTM, for two ship sets along with their tactical Naval MantaDigitalTM display software and processors. Kelvin Hughes' agile tracker option provides advanced target tracking capability for low level air and surface based targets.

The contract covers the supply of the advanced upmast SharpEyeTM sensor, integrated housing and turning unit, antenna assembly, radar processor, software and integration with the combat management system, along with project deliverables from installation to sea acceptance, training and in-service support.

SharpEyeTM with its inherent solid state design (no magnetron) is highly reliable, enabling the transceiver itself to be mounted upmast with the need for maintenance access being almost completely eradicated. The innovative design of  SharpEyeTM provides a very low noise system, the patented pulse sequence and pulse compression techniques ensures radar targets/contacts out at sea are detected and tracked typically earlier and at longer ranges than comparable systems.

The frigates TE KAHA and TE MANA are benefitting from a NZ$446M upgrade of the combat and related systems and SharpEyeTM is one of the sensors within the suite of sensors and systems of the Lockheed Martin Canada upgrade under contract to the NZ Ministry of Defence.

The combat system upgrade means the Royal New Zealand Navy will be operating these highly capable and versatile ships through to the end of their service life.

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