MMRCA Deal: Dassault Confirming to Indian RFP Conditions

  • Pinaki Bhattacharya
  • 10:44 AM, February 11, 2015
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MMRCA Deal: Dassault Confirming to Indian RFP Conditions
Indian MMRCA: Dassault Confirming to Indian RFP Conditions

French aircraft manufacturer, Dassault is confirming to conditions laid down in the original request for proposals (RFP) in its conduct of negotiations with the contract negotiations committee (CNC) of the Indian MoD over the sale of 126 Rafale fighters.


A senior Indian Air Force (IAF) officer in the know of things told Delhi correspondent that negotiations have so far been within the boundaries of the RFP. The aircraft being discussed to be purchased is what was tested by the IAF and not a later model as reported by various media.


The officer who did not wish to be quoted said that a good part of the negotiations have been completed including a work-share agreement with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.


Responding to a question, the official explained that the delay in conclusion of the contract was due to “the CNC being sensitised about issues by various external sources, including Dassault’s competitors, and the former seeking clarifications for them”.

A fresh target time frame for the completion of the negotiations has been set for March-April of 2015.

Various reports in the past have noted that Dassault was deviating from the RFP conditions and that the MoD had informed the French company to ‘stick to the RFP’.


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