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09:45 AM, February 21, 2015
Russian,  Indian FGFA Research Contract This Year
Yuri Slusar, President, United Aircraft Corporation, Russia

Russia is expecting to sign the contract with India for the research and development (R & D) stage of the fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) project this year.

“A contract for the R & D phase is being prepared and is expected to be signed this year,”  Yuli Slyusar, President and Chairman of the Management Board of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC)said  during the Aero India Air Show.

“The export version of the 5th generation fighter, the perspective multi-functional fighter (PMF-FGFA) is being created in partnership with India. The Russian and Indian parties have generally agreed on the work share of each party,” he said.

India and Russia are working out the pre-contract documentation related to the Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA). The preliminary design of the aircraft has been completed in 2014. The next milestone for 2015 is to hold the preliminary design acceptance procedure. To boost the program and to provide assistance to «Multirole Transport Aircraft Limited» joint venture this year Russia and India have created a steering committee.

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