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12:42 PM, February 23, 2015

United Arab Emirates (UAE) "Baynunah" warship model will be at display during the ‘Ship of the Day’ series as part of the third edition of NAVDEX, the maritime security show alongside IDEX defense exhibition.

The name of the ship on display this year is called “Al Dhafra”. The Baynunah class is corvettes built for the United Arab Emirates Navy. The first type was built in France in 2004, However the UAE MoD commissioned an upgraded vessel to be built in Abu Dhabi.

The steel body length of Baynunah is approximately 70 meters and 11 meters wide, with a displacement of 950 tons, as well as a hull measuring 3 meters, providing the ship with the ability to navigate shallow water. The hull and lower parts of the ship are made using both steel and aluminum components to support the required balance and the ability to reflect radar waves.

Baynunah’s engineering design provides the ship with the ability to resist gale-force sea waves, and is characterized with high flexibility and the ability to maneuver using three jet engines and four diesel engines. Baynunah is able to reach sailing speeds of up to 32 knots to cover more than 2,400 nautical miles in one outing.

Baynunah is equipped with sophisticated weaponry, including; combat launchers, machine guns, as well as automatic and rocket propelled grenade launchers. The ship also holds in-built intelligent sensors as well as a complete radar system to give Baynunah the ability to monitor its surrounding from all directions, including the depths of the sea.

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