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02:31 PM, February 23, 2015

Israeli Defense Ministry announced Sunday that it has signed a $2.82 billion deal to procure 14 additional F-35 fighter jets from the US.

The deal was signed over the weekend during a meeting between a Defense Ministry delegation and the F-35 project administration in the American department of defense.

The deal is the continuation of the existing agreement signed in 2010 to procure 19 F-35 for the Israeli Defense Forces.

Israel will receive a total of 33 F-35 of which one will act as an experimental aircraft. The deal includes acquisition of simulators, training and maintenance. Israeli weapons will be integrated to the aircraft along with the wings developed by Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) and pilot helmets supplied by Elbit.

Israel Air Force will receive a total of 33 F-35 planes. One of the planes will serve as an experimental aircraft. Israel is scheduled to receive two of these aircraft by 2016 yearend and the rest by 2021.

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