Turkey To Make Long-Range Missiles Compatible With NATO Systems

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  • 03:05 PM, February 23, 2015
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Turkey will make long-range missiles compatible with the NATO's systems, Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Monday.

NATO member Turkey chose China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp as a preferred bidder in 2013 to supply the missile system, prompting Western concern about security and the compatibility of the weaponry with NATO infrastructure.

Defence Minister Ismet Yilmaz said last week Ankara did not plan to integrate the new defence system with NATO systems.

Kalin said on Monday: "As one of the most important countries in NATO's security line, we will definitely ensure this integration and harmony."

In a written response to a parliamentary question on Thursday, Yilmaz said the evaluation of bids had been completed and no new offers received but government officials later made clear that did not mean a final decision had been reached.

Eurosam, which is owned by Franco-Italian missile maker MBDA and France's Thales, came second in the 2013 tender. US Raytheon  also put in an offer with its Patriot missile defence system, which is now operated by 13 countries around the world.




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