Lockheed Martin To Enhance helicopter pilot visibility

  • Our Bureau
  • 05:29 PM, March 3, 2015
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Lockheed Martin and H.N. Burns Engineering have partnered to come up with technology that will help helicopter pilots see better in low visibility situations.

The low visibility that results from weather, dust and other obstructions serves as a major cause of helicopter accidents.

Terry Hoehn director of Lockheed's Fire Control Advanced Programs in Missiles and Fire Control was quoted as saying by Orlando Sentinel on Monday, overcoming challenges from those sometimes deadly situations "requires a strategy that blends multiple technologies."

H.N. Burns has developed high-resolution laser radar that helps pilots see through "degraded visual environments."

“We are pleased to work with Lockheed Martin to bring these urgently needed DVE and collision-avoidance capabilities to our warfighters," Burns added.


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