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02:20 PM, March 5, 2015

L-3 Warrior Systems has won a $9.9 million US Navy contract to upgrade the AN/PVS-15 series of night-vision goggles and AN/PVS-18 series of night-vision monoculars, Military Aerospace reported Thursday.

The $9.9 million contract to L-3 Warrior Systems for high-performance image intensifier tube assemblies will make night-vision goggles suitable for Special Forces operations.

Navy electro-optics experts will use the L-3 image intensifier tubes in U.S. Special Operations Command AN/PVS-15 night-vision goggles and AN/PVS-18 night-vision monoculars.

The system’s screens will provide Special Operations forces with enhanced surveillance, identification, recognition, and detection in all light and weather conditions, especially where vision is limited or restricted due to obscured and low-level or no-light conditions.

The L-3 AN/PVS-15 night-vision goggles are compact and lightweight Gen III binoculars that can be handheld or helmet mounted to provide automatic brightness control and high light tube cut-off protection.

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