German Bundeswehr to Get 18 Airbus Sea Lion Helicopters worth 1.4 Billion Euros

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  • 02:41 PM, March 5, 2015
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The German Parliament, has reportedly approved the purchase of 18 Airbus Sea Lion Helicopters, a variant of the NH90 to the Bundeswehr by Airbus.

The Bundestag’s budget committee on March 4 approved the procurement of 18 Sea Lion naval variants of the NH90 helicopter for about 1.4 billion euros, to replace obsolete Westland Sea Kings operated by the German navy, and compensates Airbus for the government’s decision to reduce orders for other military helicopters.

The Budget committee’s approval, however, is conditional on the manufacturer respecting contractual performance goals and delivery schedules. Airbus Helicopters will be required to provide regular reports on the progress of the defense ministry’s helicopter modernization program. If Airbus fails to perform to contract, the defense ministry will have the right to levy penalties and to cancel the contract, Reuters reported.

Germany will order only 40 Tiger combat helicopters, instead of 80. The Tiger helicopters that have already been delivered will be grounded and cannibalized for spare parts. The number of NH90 utility helicopters will be reduced to 82, instead of 122 as initially planned; two will be used for training, leaving an operational fleet of 80. 

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